Minecraft: My SuperWorld

Hi, I’m now a Minecraft addict. I have my best world, my SuperWorld, with its downloadable save file below. Check it out! Completely LEGIT.

Version 2.0 – Mob farm ready to go!

Version 3.0 – Way more stuff, MORE REDSTONE, extended iron mine(near dungeon 3).


The animal farm complex. 80 blocks long and 80 blocks wide, few farms are bigger than this. Barren desert when I started. 5 months of hard work(with a 1 month break while uploading versions 1.0 – 1.2). Unspeakable amount of dirt and cobblestone went into this behemoth.

Main attractions:

– Farm level. 80 blocks long and wide. This is the crown jewel of the whole complex.

– Lava Trap. Thanks, Kiershar. This is where all the killing happens.

– Collector and storage. Filled 3 large chests with stuff.

– Prototype collector – Don’t strip the collector! Check how this works instead.

– Skeleton Dungeons. Not really a part, but still really cool.

– Access bridge. I find it easier to avoid having to clamber out of the pits around the complex. Superb navigation.